Q&A with Cara Frew

Q&A with Cara Frew
In Music

How did you make your big break onto the music scene, and which local artist has been your biggest inspiration?

I believe that my collaboration with Black Coffee was my first big break into the SA music scene. I then was able to follow up on that with my first single “Falling” which charted on many of SA’s top radio stations and then follow on from that with my current single “Invisible” which has managed to supersede the success of “Falling” and is currently #1 on the 5FM top 30 chart and has been for 8 weeks now.

My biggest inspiration is definitely Black Coffee, he has not only encouraged, motivated and supported me but is my mentor and good friend who continues to break boundaries in our industry. I absolutely love his music, think he’s extremely talented and am watching his movements closely as he takes the world by storm, as that is something that I aspire to do as well!

Do you think your music style resembles the Steve Madden vibe? If so, how?

I do think that my music resembles the Steve Madden vibe. My music has an African Influenced pop dance beat which I believe is fun, fresh, exciting, unique, hip, on trend, youthful and ready to make a statement. I believe that the Steve Madden accessories and footwear are just that.

How does Steve Madden fit into your personal and professional style and brand?

Steve Madden fits into my personal and professional style and brand well as I’m an up and coming artist who likes to be trendy and make a statement. I am able to do this with the wide and stunning collection of shoes and accessories that Steve Madden has.

Which Steve Madden style or brand element do you love most and why?

Every time I go into a Steve Madden store I fall more in love with their wide variety of shoes and accessories, especially their fun colourful pieces, which are always stylish and on trend! I love to wear unique shoes and accessories that are memorable and Steve Madden caters exactly to this.

Is your style dictated by the latest trends or do you bend the latest trends to suit your personal style?

I don’t believe in following trends as they change so often, not all trends suit everyone and its expensive to keep up with it season after season but I do think it’s important to see whats happening in the world of fashion so that one can add to, improve on and change up ones already existing wardrobe. I do bend the latest trends to fit my personal style, I believe that style is something that is unique to you, your body and your personality and it should be timeless.

Which Steve Madden style best reflects your personal style, and why?

I relate to Steve Maddens fun, colourful, statement pieces and footwear the most as I am always on the go, experiencing exciting things in the most beautiful places and wanting to leave an impression. The yellow strapped high heels that I chose are such a fun accessory to any outfit I wear, in fact, I loved them so much I walked out of the shop with them!